Message of the Vice Mayor

As the Local Government Unit of Aroroy responds to the people’s clamor for transparency, the Sangguniang Bayan takes pride in bringing the legislature closer to the public by giving the Aroronians quick and easy access to its approved ordinances and resolutions. Through this special section in our newly constructed website, we are confident that effective legislative oversight can now take place as we enable all interested citizens to get more involved in the legislative process. This is a key hallmark of a genuine practice of transparency where all the constituents of our municipality are given access to public documents and proceedings. As the head of the Legislative Department of our municipality, it is my great desire to involve the people in every decision that we make. You have chosen us to be your voice and representatives in the government. Therefore, it is only necessary that we all do our part in deciding what’s best for our municipality. I urge everyone to take time in reading the updates on this page so you’ll be informed of what’s going on in Aroroy. We also request you to share your thoughts so we can maintain an open communication between the LGU and the people. Your elected public servants are open to constructive criticisms and public opinion for we believe that the voice of God is the voice of the people. We support the advocacy for openness and transparency. We value public opinion for we believe that it is vital to the continued progress and development of our municipality. So, get up, participate, cooperate and get involved for your councilors are now just one “click” away.

Mabuhay an Aroroy!

Salamat po sa iyo suporta, kalooy kag bendisyon.

SB Members

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