Shield : Derived from the provincial seal of Masbate where the town is located
Cow : Amidst lush cogon grass, denotes a prolific cattle raising industry in the municipality
Coconut Tree : Represents the town’s vast coconut plantation
Rice and Corn : Describes the municipality’s agricultural economy
Sea within the Cove : Depicts abundant fishing grounds; also bespeaks of the shores with dazzling sand as prospective tourist spots
Mountains : Bespeaks of nature’s astounding beauty underneath of which are rich deposits of gold, manganese, silver, copper and other magnetite iron-ore
November 17, 1903 : On this date, by virtue of E. O. No 993, the Municipality of Aroroy was created
SHIP : Represents transportation and commerce
FORTY ONE (41) RAYS : Stand for the number of barangays that comprise the municipality